Totem Artwork as Customized Gift

348 $

Early birds discount! Only in September –25%.

Personalized original artwork from the “Totems” collection. I will create with you a unique Xmas gift for the person you choose.

How it’s working?

  1. Choose 3 animals that match or are liked by the recipient. Then choose one plant. Describe what colors will vibrate with the recipient.
  2. Within a few days, I will create two sketches of the work, of which you will choose one.
  3. Within a week after your selection, I will create a finished work, which I will send by insured courier to the address of your choice. The work will be rolled up and packed in a cardboard tube.

How will the painting be made?

  • Dimensions (cm): 45W x 100H
  • Technique: Mixed media on paper
  • Signed and provided with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Rolled up and packed in a tube

You will receive from me:

  • Color work sketch
  • Original artwork
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Invoice

What is a Totem?

Totem is the representation of us – living beings. Totem represents our values, thoughts and feelings. I thought about totems and cave paintings, about the shaman from Lascaux cave, and his spirit guide – bird – sitting nearby. For that reason I decided to divide the painting in three pieces: mind, heart and guts. Those three parts of our body that are trying to recognize our situation in the world, that are whispering some advices to us.

How quickly will I receive my personalized artwork?

I usually ship them within 10 days of paying for the order. The courier company usually needs an extra few days to deliver it to destinations in Europe and the USA.

What is the delivery cost?

Free to destinations in Europe and the USA.