Intriguing and serene butterfly painting “Neope armandii”

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This intriguing and serene butterfly painting fits perfectly into a space with neutral colours. It will harmonize with a bright, clean space.

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An intriguing and serene butterfly painting depicting the Neope armandii is part of one of my last series of paintings. It is a series of artworks with delicate colours and small colour contrasts. This is a calm, sensual, quiet project. When creating it, I use many delicate shades of yellow, beige, and brown. As in many of my works, the composition is central and closed. It is a clear, transparent painting that you can stare at for hours.

Dirty colour

I have always thought that brown is my least favourite colour. However, I was very surprised while painting Neope armadii. The wings of this butterfly are mainly in shades of brown, but their pattern is clear and interesting. Numerous brown eyes look at us from the cream-coloured background. Around them, the surface of the wing is filled with a mosaic of brown geometric patterns. Although the whole decoration is in earth tones, you can see here bright, lemon yellow, ochre, chocolate brown, and shades of orange and purple.

Overwhelmed by the beauty of the creature

When I plan a new series of paintings, I often start by simply staring at some photos. I usually open Wikipedia and start my journey into the rabbit hole. I spend hours just looking at beautiful creatures. Sometimes they make me feel overwhelmed. Furthermore, I open more tabs and browse links and photos. Sometimes I come across creatures that are well described and catalogued. I read information, about the environment of occurrence, of life, and I come across interesting facts. Sometimes, however, as in this case, I find only a few photos, a tiny description, and nothing more. I am confronted with a picture about which I know nothing and cannot say anything. Then I realize that we are all still stuck in our own bubbles, bubbles that are hard to get out of, that are obvious and natural to us. We describe, research, and share with others only a small part of the world around us. Let this image remind us of how little we still know and how much unexplored beauty is waiting for us.

I like to think of my paintings in series. I create series that are thematically and aesthetically coherent, but I break them down into even smaller elements. In this case, I wanted to create a series of paintings that are very delicate, hazy, and full of subtle nuances. I primed the paper with a delicate, unsaturated purple-gray acrylic, against this background my delicate ochre shines. Then I started applying subsequent layers of colour and building relationships between the splashes. This intriguing and serene butterfly painting took me a long time, I didn’t want to rush, I wanted to focus on the nuances, I didn’t want to simplify too much. When painting, I use the highest quality art supplies, I pay special attention to the resistance of my materials to sunlight, with such delicate colour variations, each tone matters.

Intriguing and serene butterfly painting in your home

This intriguing and serene butterfly painting fits perfectly into a space with neutral colours. It will perfectly harmonize with a bright, clean space. This painting, despite its large size (100 x 100 cm) and numerous details, does not overwhelm and does not impose itself. Despite its lightness, it catches the eye and leads it through a maze of earthy toned spots.


  • Dimensions: 100 cm (width) / 100 cm (height)
  • Technique: Rembrandt soft pastel + Conté à Paris fixer
  • Lightfastness: no less than ** (up to 100 years according to ASTM Standard D4303)
  • Paper: Fabriano Accademia 200g + custom background

Year and place of creation

2022 – Olsztyn, Poland


100 x 100 cm


soft pastel