Butterfly modern painting Pygas eighty-eight

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Story behind:

I didn’t think I’d be painting butterflies. I thought it was such a clichéd, kitschy topic, so colorful, girlish, tender. None of these things. The variety of colors and shapes of butterfly wings is shocking, it is an endless treasure trove of inspiration. It was through this beauty that we pinned them to our walls and looked at these dead bodies without spirit. My butterflies are dead from the beginning. They lack soul, flat and still, only the colors of their wings vibrate. These lifeless, scaled jewels allow us to reflect on the beauty of the world, its diversity, and remind us of our determination to acquire beauty at any cost, at the cost of our lives. These are not hyper-realistic images, they are only supposed to be a simulation of the beauty of nature, a bit flattened, curled and remixed, torn, decomposed. The torn out wings hang in the void of paper, but no one has died, no one has suffered the fatal blow of a pin to feed our soul. Long live the butterflies!

Cethosia nietneri, the Tamil lacewing, is a species of nymphalid butterfly found in Sri Lanka and south India. The species name is after John Nietner who obtained specimens of the butterfly from Ceylon from which it was described.

Source: Wikipedia

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Butterfly modern painting – Pygas eighty-eight:

The butterfly modern painting of Pygas eighty-eight is perfect for a minimalist living room. It is a beautiful addition to bright, spacious interiors. Additionally, such strong, intense artwork adds character and creates a unique atmosphere. Although it is a delicate butterfly, it becomes a strong colour accent. By all means it is an intense, elegant, eye-catching spectacle of colours and shapes. Moreover, the hierarchical, static composition of the painting introduces peace and harmony to the surroundings while allowing  focusing on luminous colours and natural shapes.

I really enjoy the combination of intense red with whitened turquoise. In this painting, additional drama is added by large contrasts of yellow and black, while blue dots on the wings harmonize with the background. Intense colours and large contrasts should give this composition a lot of dynamism and liveliness, but in my opinion, the whole thing is softened and subdued by the geometric pattern on the butterfly’s wings. Evidently, the dark stripes are firmly embedding the insect in the composition, and evenly arranged blue dots seem to pin it to the paper. Additionally, the black contour of Callicore pygas wings encloses the entire composition.

Why is colour so hypnotic? We can look at the blue of the sky and the ocean for hours, we are fascinated by the spectacle of colours in the evening pink and orange sky, and the giant green wall of the forest is breathtaking. This large painting allows immersing oneself in colours, to look at something that is tiny in nature, and now it is huge and majestic, and it is hanging motionless on the wall. Nature can surprise and fascinate, it gives many opportunities for delight, it is full of inspiration.

Butterfly modern painting specification:

  • Dimensions: 100cm (width) / 100cm (height)
  • Technique: Rembrandt soft pastel + fixer
  • Lightfastness: no less than ** (up to 100 years according to ASTM Standard D4303)
  • Paper: Fabriano Accademia 200g + custom background

Butterfly modern painting Shipping:

  • flat, in cardboard box
  • tracked
  • insured
  • Certificate of Authencity included

Year and place of creation:

2021 – Olsztyn, Poland

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 1 × 100 × 100 cm

soft pastel


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