orangina t-shirt (unisex fit)
orangina t-shirt (unisex fit)
orangina t-shirt (unisex fit)
orangina t-shirt (unisex fit)

orangina t-shirt (unisex fit)

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Story behind:

I remember when I was 6 we travelled to my aunt. My aunt lived in France. To please me, we all went to a popular fast food restaurant. Well, my parents were delighted that the space was clean, process fast, and the food nicely packed. I also remember choosing fizzy drinks. For me, a child from the Communistic Poland, it was a shock. Now I know that most of them were yuck and not healthy at all, but I still like Orangina for its taste and for the bottle. Nowadays, there are a lot of fizzy drinks on the market that have a good composition and taste delicious.

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Product details:

  • produced on-demand, fair and sustainable
  • Durable fabrics: 150g/m², 100% cotton (from organic production)
  • Made in Turkey, printed in Germany
Length Chest width Sleeve
S 710 mm 455 mm 203 mm
M 735 mm 510 mm 210 mm
L 760 mm 560 mm 228 mm
XL 785 mm 610 mm 235 mm
XXL 810 mm 660 mm 240 mm
3XL 835 mm 710 mm 260 mm
4XL 860 mm 760 mm 267 mm
5XL 885 mm 810 mm 279 mm
orangina t-shirt (unisex fit)
orangina t-shirt (unisex fit)