The Wind will carry us

A painting on paper comes alive with a striking composition. Within a vase, a burst of stylized flowers captivates the eye. These blooms transcend realism, as they’ve been enlarged, flattened, and artfully simplified. The scene showcases red lilies, pink hibiscus, regal purple scabiosa, and delicate asters. The arrangement is harmoniously complemented by the intricate dark green, marbled leaves of the monstera and epipremnum plants.

The backdrop of the artwork is a gradient of light browns, transitioning seamlessly from a warm honey hue to a cooler sepia tone. The flowers extend beyond the confines of the vase, their vivacity radiating outward. The vase itself is a shade of purple, adorned with the constellation of Ursa Major, commonly known as the Great Bear. Amidst the celestial pattern, a few stars twinkle, adding a touch of celestial charm.

Adding further depth to the composition, a fragment of lyrics from the band Noir Désir’s “Le vent nous portera” is delicately intertwined. This intricate artwork invites viewers to explore its multifaceted layers, where nature, astronomy, and poetic inspiration converge on the paper.

  • Original Created: 2023
  • Subjects: Floral
  • Materials: Paper
  • Styles: Pop-art, Contemporary, Figurative, Fine Art, Folk, Modern
  • Mediums: Acrylic Pencil, Oil Pastel
  • Size (cm): 70 W x 149.5 H