She demands a Sacrifice

The artwork portrays a vibrant bouquet of flowers, skillfully magnified yet retaining their intricate details. Bursting forth from a rounded vase, the arrangement showcases a harmonious blend of pink and red carnations, delicate purple asters, and lustrous laceleaf plants with their glossy leaves. Amidst these blooms, unopened buds add an element of anticipation.

Set against a backdrop of soft gray-purple wallpaper, its dense pattern lending an elegant touch without overwhelming the scene, the bouquet takes center stage. Positioned on a dynamic tablecloth, where intense shimmering yellow mingles with bold black, a grid pattern adds a slightly jarring yet invigorating aspect to the composition.

Adding a layer of intrigue, the vase bears an inscription drawn from a song. This inscription prompts contemplation about the requirements of a goddess and the potential sacrifice she might demand. The viewer is left to ponder whether this bouquet would suffice as an offering, sparking thoughts on the nature of sacrifice and devotion.

  • Original Created: 2023
  • Subjects: Floral
  • Materials: Paper
  • Styles: Pop-art, Contemporary, Figurative, Fine Art, Modern
  • Mediums: Acrylic, Pencils
  • Size (cm): 70 W x 149.8 H