Peonies in an Orange Vase

This painting of a vase of flowers is a vibrant and colourful piece of art, bursting with intense hues and bold brushstrokes. The use of acrylic paints and coloured pencils gives the artwork a unique texture and depth, adding a tactile quality to the overall composition.

The centrepiece of the painting is the vase of flowers, which is depicted in a non-realistic style. The flowers are enlarged and simplified, with a focus on their bold shapes and vibrant colours. The pink peonies and carnations, along with the everlasting flowers, create a delightful contrast against the orange vase with small dots, which is whimsical and playful.

The background of the painting is blue with cloth-like stripes at the bottom, adding depth and texture to the artwork. The darker upper part of the background creates a sense of drama and contrast, while the lighter lower portion balances the composition.

Overall, this painting of a vase of flowers is a stunning piece of abstract art that captures the beauty and vibrancy of nature in a bold and unconventional way. The large size of the painting, 149.4 cm high and 70 cm wide, ensures that it will make a powerful statement in any room.

  • Date created: 2023
  • Technique: Painting. Acrylic and Colored Pencils on Paper.
  • Dimensions: 70 W x 149.7 H

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