I serve my Head up on a Plate

This vase came out very eclectic. Its theme was supposed to be feminine energy. My own energy, was fluctuating at that time. The original intent was to convey joy and luminosity, but then I thought about women who had been denied their rights for centuries.

In response, a symbolic act emerged — to sever the head of the patriarchal dominance. Drawing inspiration from Artemisia Gentileschi’s work, I borrowed a head and positioned it atop a vase. This arrangement, in turn, serves as a vessel for a vibrant bouquet, each bloom drawing sustenance from this symbolic act of defiance. It’s a representation of transformation, where a vessel that once held power becomes a source of nourishment for growth.

The thematic dialogue expands further, delving into the complexities of relationships and the preconceptions projected onto others. Lyrics from Placebo’s “Every You Every Me,” specifically “I serve my head up on a plate,” find their place within this narrative.

From within a vase of soft green-gray hues, a profusion of flowers bursts forth—a pink peony, opulent chrysanthemums radiating richness, alongside the wild rue and tansy. Against this vibrant backdrop, colorful confetti dances, creating a visual contrast with the enigmatic, likely toxic berries. Most strikingly, an isolated head, suspended in time, rests upon the vase — a potent embodiment of the shattered patriarchal paradigm.

  • Original Created: 2023
  • Subjects: Floral
  • Materials: Paper
  • Styles: Contemporary, Figurative, Folk, Modern, Pop Art
  • Mediums: Acrylic, Pencils, Oil Pastel
  • Size (cm): 70.1 W x 149.8 H