Roseate spoonbill / Red squirrel / Tomato frog

Date created: 2023

Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

Technique: Painting. Acrylic and Colored Pencils on Paper.

Dimensions: 44.8 W x 99.6 H x 0.1 D cm

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The painting features various animals, with a tomato frog positioned at the bottom of the composition and a roseate spoonbill positioned in the centre. A squirrel can be seen jumping over them while a shoal of red fish circles around them. The overall colour scheme of the painting is inspired by the colour red, with each animal representing an element of human nature such as the heart, mind, or guts.

The roseate spoonbill is a unique and visually striking bird that can often be found wading in shallow waters, using its distinctive spoon-shaped bill to sift through mud and water to find food. In some cultures, the spoonbill can be seen as a symbol of grace, beauty, and abundance. The roseate spoonbill may symbolize a connection to the natural world or a desire to seek nourishment and sustenance from one’s surroundings.

The squirrel is a common animal that is often associated with the idea of preparation, hoarding, and storing for the future. In some cultures, the squirrel is also seen as a symbol of playfulness, agility, and quick thinking. The squirrel may symbolize the importance of planning, preparation, and resourcefulness in our daily lives. The act of jumping over the other animals may also suggest a willingness to take risks or embrace new challenges.

The tomato frog is a bright red and orange frog that is native to Madagascar. In some cultures, the frog is seen as a symbol of transformation, renewal, and rebirth. The tomato frog may symbolize the concept of metamorphosis or the ability to adapt and change over time.